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Body Waxing

A fast and effective way to get the smooth skin you want! A combination of hard or soft waxes, and soothing ingredients give you the best in hair removal results

Boxy Waxing

 Sanitation is our top priority, so there’s no double - dipping. This assures bacteria-free treatments resulting in little-to-no post-waxing breakouts. Our waxing protocols provide the most comfortable and effective treatments available. Generally waxing is known for giving a smooth and even skin. Not only unwanted hair is removed, as a bonus all dead skin cells are also done with. Waxing gives no cuts or bruises. As waxing might only have minimal level of chemicals, there is rarely any allergies or skin irritation. And hair re-growth is very slow.

Area (Ladies)                      Price        

Brazilian (front & back)  $55

Bikini                                        $30

Bikini (extended)               $40

Full Arms                               $45

Half Arms                              $30

Under Arms                          $25

Full Legs                                  $55

Area (Ladies)             Price         

Full Legs & Bikini            $70

Upper or Lower Legs   $40

Men’s Chest                      $60

Shoulders                           $35

Men’s Back                         $50

Full Body                             $150

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